From our Forest to Your Home

1. Regeneration / Planting

Each year we plant up to 7 million new trees across our ownership. We plant multiple native species including Douglas Fir, White Fir, Hemlock, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine and Incense Cedar to maintain biological diversity. Our seedlings are grown from seed sources found close to each harvested area which assures that they will be conditioned to the environment where they originated.


2. Forest Management

Our foresters, biologists, and botanists conduct inventories of forest growth, wildlife populations and habitat, native plants, and other forest attributes each year. In California we survey about 10% of our 400,000 inventory plots annually. Our in-house research department continually monitors water quality and other environmental impacts from our forest management activities, insuring superior land stewardship.

Forest Management

3. Harvest

In today’s world, timber harvesting is conducted using efficient machinery that has a reduced impact on the land. Modern harvesting techniques have dramatically reduced or eliminated dangerous conditions, wasted wood, and excessive soil disturbance. Trees are harvested with the least amount of impact, including aerial lifting to minimize ground disturbance, cable systems for steep slopes, and mechanical, ground-based harvesting. Modern harvesting techniques also incorporate protections for wildlife, plants, archaeological sites, and other environmental attributes of the forest.


4. Lumber

SPI is among the top five US lumber producers. We produce everything from timbers and framing lumber to fencing and specialty products from our 18 sawmills in California, Oregon and Washington. All of SPI’s mills utilize state-of-the-art computer technology which individually analyzes each log and guides experienced equipment operators to produce the highest quality boards. Specialized equipment such as portal cranes, end-dogging carriages, computer sensors, and scanners maintain high production levels and product quality. After the milling process, modern computer-controlled kilns dry the lumber produced in the sawmills.


5. Millwork

At Sierra Pacific Industries we utilize a portion of the lumber produced from Sierra Pacific's forestland resources to create our millwork items. This "value added" approach through vertical integration of products has contributed to Sierra Pacific's reputation of commitment, quality, and stability. A variety of products are manufactured to serve several different markets. We produce millwork and re-manufactured lumber in specialty products at three facilities in Northern California.


6. Windows

Extraordinary quality, strategic West Coast and Midwest manufacturing locations, and commitments to on-time delivery and exceptional customer service highlight the value of Sierra Pacific Windows. Custom windows and doors are offered in Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir and Alder, grown and harvested from our own forests.

Sierra Pacific Windows Division

Windows Division

7. Green Energy

Sierra Pacific Industries turns "wood waste" into energy for homes and businesses through seven state-of-the-art cogeneration plants. Together, these facilities produce over 180 megawatts of electrical power. That is enough power for 140,000 homes. To SPI, sustainability means that we will continuously invest in and grow new forests, while never harvesting more than we grow.